MAY, 18, 2002

Fenerbahçe, another famous Turkish team, is rather fast this year. Now that it wants to include renown midfielder Ricardo Izecson Santos Leite Kaká into its colours.

Kaká, after whom also the French team Paris Saint Germain is running, is notorious especially of his last-minute goals.

Who's Kaká?

He is one of the players of the Brasilian team Sa'o Paolo. He is 1.83m tall, weighs 73 kg, and his birthday is on April 22, 1982.

Kaká is Brazil's new football sensation. This youngster had an Excellent debut season with São Paulo and for that reason he earned a spot on Scolari's team in the first two friendlies of 2002.

This 20-year-old is an extremely talented midfielder who is giving a lot of headaches to defenses around the Brazilian league. Now Kaká wants to show the rest of the world how dangerous he really is.

Although he showed a lot of maturity in the way he plays, Kaká is a very young and inexperienced player. He might be very famous around the globe by 2006 and it is very likely that you will see Kaká in Germany.

Fenerbahçe is now following Raymond Kalla N'Kong
from Cameroon after Kaká...

Who's Raymond Kalla N'Kongo?

He was born in Yaoundé on 24th April 1975, he is 1.90m tall and weighs 89 kg..

The most important feature seen in statistics of Kalla, who played 12 times as a member of the Cameroon National Team since 1994 is the high average of matches/season. He became "national" in 12 matches and his team number is 5. He is a good defence player and actually is running ball for Extremadura, the second league team of Spain for the last four seasons; and he had been playing in the Greek team Panakhaiki for 3 seasons.

The tournaments he participated:

World Cup: 1994 & 1998

Africa Cup: 2000 & 2002

Confederation Cup: 2001

Turkish youth is the guarantee of secularism!

Directors of sport organisations and students visited Anıtkabir (monumental tomb of Atatürk, founder of Turkish Republic) in the Youth Week. The general director of Youth and Sport, Kemal Mutlu, wroted meaningful messages to the notebook of Anıtkabir.

The general director Kemal Mutlu, vice-directors, chairmans of federations, officials of sport organisations and sportsmen, scouts, folk dance groups and students standed at attention in front of the mausoleum of Atatürk in order to show respect.

The general director Mutlu, signed the notebook of Anıtkabir after the ceremony and wroted the following: "We are in your presence for the Youth Week, with the Turkish youth that will direct the powerful and modern Turkey of the futur. Turkish youth, which is the guarantee of our secular Republic, is marching with your principles towards the high goals that you showed. We believe them and have confidence on them.